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Established in the year 2017, Imbibe Languages and Soft Skills Training Pvt. Ltd. (ILSST) is a multi- divisional company committed to providing expert services in the areas of:

1. English language training
2. Corporate training

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Our Services

English language coaching
The courses are specifically designed for Students, Jobseekers, Working individuals, Busines...
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Corporate training
The Corporate Training Division of the company focuses on imparting interpersonal and business skill...
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Corporate communication solutions
The Corporate Communication Solutions Division at Imbibe Languages and Soft Skills Training Pvt....
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Communication and Personality Development Programme for Children
The Communication and Personality Development Programme for children is designed to enable them to ...
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We would like to appreciate your dedicated efforts in conducting the workshop on “Effective preparation for campus interviews” for our final year business management programme students. We have received very positive feedback from the participants; they found the workshop to be engaging and extremely useful. We look forward to further leverage your professional expertise in the areas of languages and communication skills.
Bhoomika Juneja<br>Head Placement & Corporate Relation
Bhoomika Juneja
Head Placement & Corporate Relation
During my Early Education Teachers Training programme I felt the need to improve my English language skills. I signed up for ILSST’s Elementary Level English course. This course has benefited me to a great extent and I am now teaching in a renowned Playgroup.
Sneha Nikam
In my profession as a senior aircraft maintenance engineer with an international carrier, it is important for me to communicate effectively. I contacted Mr. Rajesh Sethuraman at ILSST and we jointly designed a programme best suited to my needs. The soft skills training and communication techniques coaching were excellent. I strongly recommend ILSST to anyone who wishes to develop strong inter-personal and communication skills.
Jagdish Mahadik
Imbibe Languages and Soft Skills Training Pvt. Ltd. are actively involved in providing us services in the areas of script enhancement and voice over dubbing for quiet a few of our educational videos. We are very happy with their high quality and time bound deliverables. We strongly recommend Imbibe for all organisational communications or learning and development needs. Thank you, we look forward to working with your team soon.
Arjun Aiyer<br>Chief Content Officer
Arjun Aiyer
Chief Content Officer
As an engineering student I faced major challenges in group presentations, I was an introvert. I enrolled for ILSST’s Public speaking and Personality development programme. Now, I am a changed person. Being in the company of people and communicating with them confidently has become my way of life.
Sagar Pardeshi

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